Frequently Asked Questions From Brides
…and Answers from our Experts Seamstresses

Should my wedding party members make appointments for their fittings?

Appointments are not necessary. However, there are busier times for our locations and we never want to rush through an formal fitting. Phoning ahead for an appointment will assure you of a time slot with one of our formal wear specialists.

What timeline do you recommend for bridesmaids and mother’s formals?

A week or two at the most. Again, use your judgment based on how much work is necessary. Common alterations on formals take one fitting and a try on the day the dress is picked up. If something more needs tweaked, another visit may be required. We try to make the process as simple and convenient as possible. We also recognize many wedding attendants are coming in from out of town…we work to accommodate everyone’s schedule as best we can.

How will I know Alterations Express is the right place?

Once you’ve visited an Alterations Express you’ll quickly realize the uniqueness of our services. A clean enviroment, spacious dressing rooms and seamstresses on staff six days a week has most of our customer raving about us. Wedding day, or everyday, we can get most any alterations project done whenever you need it. We have bridal specialists on staff at every location. And although we recommend you give yourself several weeks to get through the alteration process start to finish, we have and will do work in much less time. We have a standard 4 day turnaround, but next day is available.

If I’m losing weight, when and how long before I need to start the alteration process?

Depending on just how much work is required we recommend you plan for a minimum of three visits, with 4- days between visits for the work to be completed. We’re open everyday except Sunday.

Should I bring anyone with me for the fittings?

Yes. We recommend brides bring someone that will be available to them the day of the wedding. If not for all the fittings, it’s a good idea to have someone with them on the second fitting. We’ll take the time to teach them how to connect the bustle for the day of the wedding. It’s also comforting for the bride to have someone that can help them get into your gown. The fittings are a great time to watch and learn how they can help, and practice if they wish.

My dress does not have a bustle. Can I have one made?

Absolutely. Custom bustles are made for ease in function to compliment the style and design of your wedding gown. Our seamstresses will look for places to hide ribbons and snaps so they are not noticed before the bustle assembly.

How many fittings are required for a bridal gown alteration?

On an average there are three-four fittings total. The initial fitting, the second visit is a try-on following the alterations and the third visit can be a simple pick up after the dress has been steamed and/or pressed. If the alteration process is more involved there may be a need for additional fittings.

What should I bring for my fitting?

The dress, all undergarments you intend to be wearing on your wedding day along with your shoes. Some brides like to bring their veil so they can get the complete look reviewed by our seamstresses. We remind brides all these items will be needed for each of their fittings.

Should I make an appointment?

At Alterations Express appointments are not necessary. However, with our brides, we do like to have a scheduled visit for the fittings. An appointment will assure our brides dedicated time with one of our bridal specialists.

Will I know how much the alterations will cost before the dress gets worked on?

Yes. During your first visit at Alterations Express we tell you exactly what your alteration project will cost. If there are options to having something special done for your dress your seamstress will be able to price those options to help you make the best decision.

How much time should I allow for my wedding dress alterations.

We tell brides six weeks out would be the most time recommended. Each stage of alterations takes four days at Alterations Express. The number of fittings will depend on the amount of work that is necessary. To ensure a perfect fit on your wedding day we recommend having your last fitting just a week or two before your wedding day.