Households & Comforters

Our dry cleaning experts can professionally clean all of your households, comforters, blankets, duvets, and more!

Dry Cleaning for Households and Comforters

Dry Cleaning for Households & Comforters

When was the last time you had your blankets, bedspreads, or comforters dry cleaned? We’ve been experts in dry cleaning for more than 70 years and can provide dry cleaning for all of your households. Our premium dry cleaning will help keep your households, bedspreads, and duvets in pristine condition.

Premium Cleaning for Households

Professionally cleaning and preserving your bedding, blankets, and comforters is very important to maintain the highest quality.  During our dry cleaning process, we treat households, comforters, and duvets with extreme care. First, we wash and launder household items on gentle cycles to maintain shape and color. Then, we freshly press and package comforters and households for pick-up. We recommend, however, getting your households dry cleaned at least twice a year to maintain cleanliness and ensure that your comforters, blankets, and duvets stay fresh and clean for years.

Cleaning for Blankets and Comforters
Quality Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning Pricing

Looking for dry cleaning prices? Head to our Dry Cleaning Pricing page to view pricing for our most popular dry cleaning items.

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