Uniforms Altered,
Enhanced & Repaired

Fast & Affordable Uniform Alterations

From patches to fit adjustments, our team will make sure your uniform alterations are completed timely and accurately.

We honor all our uniform-wearing customers by following any uniform regulations precisely. Our staff knows exactly what it takes to enhance uniform fit and comfort for long hours of wear. And during your visit, don’t forget to try our professional dry cleaning services too.

Fast & Affordable for Any Uniform
Badges, Patches & Hems

Military Uniform Alterations

Alterations Express is the perfect place for any and every uniform alteration. Just walk into one of our 12 locations and get immediate service for your uniform alterations! We’ll make sure your uniform, badge, or patch is altered and sewn to your specific needs. Please bring your written regulations. If you need patchwork removed from one garment for another, we can do that too.

Quick & Convenient Clothing Repairs

It happens, zippers break, seams tear, hems come loose and need to be fixed in a hurry. Just know we’re here to help. We offer pant hems while you wait! And we can perform any repair as quickly as you need it. Our experienced tailors and seamstresses are experts at a wide range of clothing repairs. We’ll repair your garment in no time! Visit us today and experience our same-day repair services.

Express Clothing Repairs
Make Our Services A Partnership

Make Our Services A Partnership

Are you a company, school, or department looking for alterations & tailoring services? We contract with many local police departments, airbases, airlines, and schools. Contact us today to learn more about how we can provide alterations for your organization!

Find an Alterations Express Near You

With 12 locations across northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania, Alterations Express is the perfect place for all your alterations and tailoring projects. Find a location near you today.

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