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Our team at Alterations Express is here to empower you and your business wardrobe. It’s amazing what a slight change in fit can do for your look and confidence. Professional tailoring can have a transformational effect and Alterations Express is here to help make that happen for you.

Suit Alterations and Tailoring
The Perfect Fit for Business Essentials

The Perfect Fit for Business Essentials

A visit with your suit, dress, slacks, or sportcoat will allow us to show you how professional tailoring can help your clothing look better no matter where you made the purchase. We have a walk-in service with a staff of seamstresses and tailors available to you six days a week. Once assigned to a fitting room, our staff will discuss your alterations with you. Then, we’ll evaluate and pin your garment. Finally, we’ll provide full pricing information. The fitting is part of our no-obligation service. We do need to see each alteration project before we can accurately price the project. And we only do the work following your approval. 

Repairs & Alterations

Alterations Express can help you get as much wear as possible out of your favorite clothing items too! Our services include hem repairs, zipper replacements, new linings, new buttons to update a look, and even a collar or lapel adjustment. Just bring us your garment for an on-the-spot cost estimate and you can decide if the price is worth it. We make looking good and extending the lifespan of your favorite clothing, easy.

Business Wear Repairs
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With 12 locations across northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania, Alterations Express is the perfect place for all your alterations and tailoring projects. Find a location near you today.