Bridal Gown Alterations

With bridal experts at every location, Alterations Express is the perfect place for your bridal gown alterations – and the wedding party too.

Private Appointments for Bridal Alterations

Our bridal fittings are designed to be simple, special, and flexible enough to accommodate our brides — and their busy schedules. We recommend calling us to schedule your wedding dress alterations as soon as you have your gown. We’ll suggest a first appointment timeline 6-8 weeks prior to your wedding date. Once scheduled, you’ll be on our books for a private fitting with one of our bridal experts. During your personalized bridal fitting, our talented team of bridal experts will spend as much time as necessary with you to make sure your wedding dress fits perfectly for your special day.

Private Appointments for Fittings
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Our Guide to Wedding Dress Alterations

First, we’ll evaluate the dress and necessary alterations. Your bridal expert will also talk with you to discuss your options. After that, your next appointment will give you a first look and try-on experience with your altered dress. This is a time for both you and our seamstress to reevaluate the fit and comfort of the dress. This will also help determine if the project is ready for the next phase of alterations. Finally, when alterations are completed, we give every detail another look and freshly steam or press your gown. After that, your dress is ready for your scheduled pick-up date! Visit our blog to learn more about the cost of wedding dress alterations.

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Your Wedding Alterations Checklist

Check out our wedding alterations checklist below to make sure you’re prepared for your fitting:

We suggest calling one of our locations to schedule your wedding dress alterations as soon as your receive your gown. But, we won’t schedule your first fitting with us until about 6 to 8 weeks before their wedding day.

Brides: Remember to bring the undergarments and shoes that you’ll be wearing with your dress to all of your scheduled fittings. These items are essential for our seamstresses to get the perfect fit for your gown. We also recommend that you bring someone with you to your scheduled alteration appointments. This person should be accessible to you on your wedding day, both before and during your ceremony and reception. Our seamstresses will take the time to teach your support person how to connect bustles or corsets, how to help you in and out of your gown, and even give you tips for using the ladies’ room.

Wedding dress alterations usually take 3 to 4 fittings to complete. However, depending on the complexity of the alteration project, it could require more appointments to complete the work. Our seamstresses will schedule your final fitting no more than a week before your wedding day to ensure that the dress fits perfectly.

Wedding Party Alterations

Perfect for the Entire Wedding Party

You’ll find Alterations Express to be a valuable asset not just for you, but for the entire wedding party! We complete Formal alterations for bridesmaids, mothers-of-the-bride, flower girls — even wedding guests in just 4 days or less! Groom or groomsmen wearing suits or tuxedos?

With expert tailors that specialize in men’s formal wear at every location, Alterations Express is the perfect recommendation for the guys too.

Our expedited alteration options and ‘Pant Hems While You Wait’ service are the perfect solution to any last-minute adjustment. Wedding party members coming from out-of-town, guys forgetting to get their suit pants hemmed, or any other wedding wardrobe emergency — just know that we’re here to help, whatever the alteration need.

Wedding Gown Preservation

Want to pass on your gown to a future generation? Or maybe preserve it as a keepsake to remember your wedding day? Alterations Express specializes in wedding gown preservation. First, we expertly clean your dress to remove any stains and return your dress to its original quality. Then, we package your dress in acid-free tissue paper. Finally, we place your dress in a museum-quality archival box to maintain beauty and form long after the wedding day! Bridal preservation makes for a great shower or wedding gift, too! Gift cards are available at every Alterations Express location.

Bridal Gown Preservation
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